Direct Marketing, Box Manufacturer

The success of our first direct mail campaign promoting this company's Open House, prompted the client to hire us to craft an annual marketing program consisting of website redesign, bylined monthly columns, a customer satisfaction survey, phone-on-hold tapes, and a 10-piece direct mail campaign. Working with the theme "Put Some Fibre in Your Diet," we created a campaign-launch postcard and three sets of three-mailers, each consisting of two postcards and a constructed 3-dimensional box. The 3-D mailers were replications of a cereal box, a granola bar box, and a frozen lasagna box.

The campaign has elicited great feedback from our client's sales staff as well as customers and prospects. Mailed monthly, the series of teaser cards and 3-D constructed boxes not only keeps the client's name in front of its markets, it also demonstrates the company's innovative box construction techniques.