Email-to-Web Program, Stationery and Brand Management Printer

We've been working with this client since the mid-'90s, providing a range of services. This year's program included a monthly, opt-in email-to-web campaign we devised to showcase the client's printing and finishing capabilities. In consultation with the client, we selected twelve case studies of work by some of the region's leading design firms. Corporate identity and stationery systems, presentation folders, and booklets range from the unusual to the extraordinary. We designed a template for the rich-media emails that was in keeping with the firm's new branding, the website was redesigned, and we contracted an email dispersal service to distribute the emails.

The client confirms that the email-to-web program has been one of the most successful. Not only does the client get frequent, positive feedback from his design and ad agency clientele, he gets new designers wishing to opt into the program each month. The company's reputation for top-notch execution of these designs, as well as for maintaining brand integrity throughout the reprint lifetimes of the designs has been significantly enhanced.