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Brand Experience. According to brandpackaging.com, there are three primary points at which the consumer interacts with a brand: the pre-purchase experience (ads, direct mail, promotions, coupons/incentives), the purchase experience (sales person, POP displays, in-store promos, packaging), and the post-purchase experience (loyalty programs, newsletters, website, customer service, and product/package performance). Since packaging impacts customer experience in two out of three points of contact, its importance is undeniable. According to Package Printing magazine, stamping and embossing services have shown steady growth, as marketers look for new ways to catch the consumer's attention. Commercial, label, and packaging printers would do well to educate clients about how different printing and finishing techniques can make a big difference in grabbing attention and getting response.

Ad Revenues Grow. Total magazine advertising revenue for January 2003 increased 9.5%, compared to January 2002, according to Publisher Information Bureau, with most gains seen in public transportation, hotels & resorts, apparel & accessories, Toiletries & Cosmetics, and Automotive. Ad pages were up, too, for 10 of the 12 major categories. However, TrendWatch's Dr. Joe Webb cautions against unbridled optimism: "PIB acknowledges you have to be careful when using their data because their base of respondents changes from year to year." In other words, fewer magazines may be reporting since many have folded. Let's hope, though, it's further evidence of a positive trend.

Do-Not-Call Registry Stalled. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) filed a federal lawsuit challenging the FTC's no-call list on constitutional grounds, saying it "violates free speech rights and exceeds the FTC's authority." The American Teleservices Association and several other private companies have filed similar, but separate suits. The DMA is hoping the suits will delay implementation of the DNC registry, but the wild card is the FCC, which is expected to issue its own DNC rules sometime this spring. On another direct marketing front, the 2/3/03 issue of DM News reported that the USPS' pension plan is even better funded than previously thought, suggesting that postal rates could hold beyond 2006.

Internet Research Task Force. In an attempt to coordinate and codify anti-spam rules and regs, the Internet Research Task Force and the Internet Engineering Task Force this week launched the Anti-Spam Research Group (ASRG). The ASRG will generalize the spam problem into "consent-based communication whereby an individual or organization should be able to express consent or lack of consent for certain communication and have the architecture to support those desires."

Quick Takes. Out-maneuvering Creo, Electronics for Imaging, Inc. (EFI) emerged victorious in its bid to acquire PrintCafÈ for $2.60 per share for each outstanding PrintCafÈ share. Not taking defeat lying down, Creo is commencing litigation to prevent PrintCafÈ from pursuing "unusual and draconian defensive tactics that harm all of PrintCafÈ's stockholders" . . . PIA's last two Flash Reports: Print markets deteriorated in 2002, resulting in the "honor" of being the second worst year in over a decade. Although specific figures are unavailable, ancillary services (desktop publishing, graphic design, mailing, fulfillment, and warehousing) appear to be a growing proportion of printers' revenues, accounting for 7.3% of total revenues.

Quote of the Month. "Sixteen percent of callers who hear on-hold messages make a purchase based on what they hear." —Maximarketing Research

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